With the help of Time Entries screen, employees can view their time entries in between two dates

Also, Time Entries screen is used to manually edit the Check In and Check Out entries in case an employee had forgotten to Check In and Check Out using 'Check In/Out' screen.


The screen displays the list of entries based on ‘From’ date and ‘To’ date.  


  • The details regarding ‘Shift Date’, ‘CheckIn’, ‘CheckOut’ are displayed. The CheckIn and CheckOut times are obtained from ‘My Check In/Out’ screen as seen in below image.

Viewing and Editing Time Entry

  • Click  icon beside the particular row to view the time entry details and to edit the time           


  • On clicking  icon, the information regarding the time entry will be displayed as shown below


  • Click ‘EDIT’ button to edit the time entry.

    An employee can also request for editing the time entry for a particular date. This may occur if 

    an employee had forgotten to check in/out on time due to any reason.

  • On clicking ‘EDIT’, the form enables the ‘User Check In’ and ‘User Check Out’ fields. 


  • Select the Date and Time of the Check In  & Check Out from ‘User Check In’  & 'User Check Out' 

         calendar icons repectively. 


  • Select the reason from the drop down list. Reason’ is a drop down field with multiple options. 

        This refers to the reason for manually requesting the time sheet edit. 



  •  Click on ‘SUBMIT’ button to submit the timesheet edit request. 

The request will be received for approval based on approval rules defined in ‘Approval Rules’ screen.