This screen displays the monthly attendance along with IN and Out times for each day.


Once the time card is processed by the HR, based on the shift assigned to the employee, status for each date is updated and it can be seen on this screen.

Status are represented as follows:

  • Present   --  PP

  • Absent    --  AA

  • WeekOff  -- WO

  • Holiday    -- HO

If an employee takes a leave, then the status for that particular day will be its particular leave code.

Holidays are defined by HR administrator in ‘Holidays’ screen and Week Offs as well as working hours are defined in Shift master screen

  • Select the date from the ‘Display From’ calendar icon and click on ‘GO’ button. This refers to the date from which the attendance is to be displayed.



  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the summary of the attendance for the selected month. Summary regarding the days and hours of work is displayed as seen below.