Journaling in Exchange Online

Journaling can help the organization respond to legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance requirements by recording inbound and outbound email communications. When planning for messaging retention and compliance, it's important to understand journaling, how it fits in your organization's compliance policies, and how Exchange Online helps you secure journaled messages.

Journaling is the ability to record all communications, including email communications, in an organization for use in the organization's email retention or archival strategy.

The following are key aspects of journal rules:

  • Journal rule scope Defines which messages are journaled by the Journaling agent.

  • Journal recipient Specifies the SMTP address of the recipient you want to journal.

  • Journaling mailbox Specifies one or more mailboxes used for collecting journal reports.

Creating a Journal Rule in Office365

STEP 1: Log on to with your O365 Admin Credentials.

STEP 2: Select Admin Icon  as shown below

STEP 3: Select Exchange Admin center in redirected Admin center window.

STEP 4: Navigate to “Journal Rules” in “Compliance Management” under Exchange Admin Center. 

STEP 5: Select an address from your  Office 365 tenant to Send undeliverable journal reports

STEP 6: Create a New Journal Rule by selecting + Icon as shown in the screenshot below .

STEP 7: Enter External Email ID to send Journal Reports , give a Name to the journal rule and select whether Messages Sent/Received from "user / Specific Group / All messages(Emails) " as shown in Screenshot a and select to Journal messages "All Messages Only/Internal Messages only/External Messages only"  and Hit on "Save




STEP 9: Click "Yes" to acknowledge the warning message displayed on the screen.

To reflect the changes, please logout and re-login to the admin portal.

With that, Office 365 journaling setup is complete. As per the rule, all mail messages of all the users of the Office 365 domain will be archived on their respective accounts on the Domain.

NOTE: In Office 365 , the maximum number of journal rules you can create is 10