Enabling end users to receive emails with product training,tips in their Office 365 Subscription

This feature has administrative controls to enable and disable and only Admin can enable/ Disable this Feature. 

After this feature being Enabled , email communications will be enabled-by-default for your organization’s users, allowing us to provide product training and tips aimed at helping them increase their productivity and to maximize their utilization of the products and services they use most. End users will only receive emails regarding services that they have been enabled for, and you can control whether or not your users receive these communications in the End User Communication tab in your Office 365 admin center. Your users also have the ability to opt-out of receiving these emails on an individual basis by accessing the Security and Privacy pane of their My Account Portal.

If you do not want us to send product training and tips to your end users, please follow these steps to disable:

1. Log into the Office 365 admin center with Office365 Admin Credentials.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Click on Services & Add-ins.
4. Click on End User Communication.
5. Flip toggle to “ON/OFF” as shown below .