Unable to sign-in through Google File stream in PC/Laptop

If you are unable to sign-in to Google Files Stream then to resolve this issue, we recommend uninstalling the app, clear the app cache and then reinstall. 

This fixes most issues with Drive File Stream and you can do this following these steps: 

1. Click on the Drive File Stream icon in your task bar. 

2. Sign out and then click on the icon again and click ‘Quit’. 

3. Uninstall Drive File Stream. 

4. To locate the cache of the application, go to this location: 

Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\DriveFS

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS

5. Delete the Google Drive folder entirely. 

6. Reinstall Drive File Stream from here

Now Try Open Drive File Stream Icon and Sign-in and you are able to Sign-in