Messages sent to a group member are bouncing

Resolve the message bouncing state for group members

Sometimes, a group member can enter an individual bounce state where messages sent to them might bounce. While in this state, the bouncing group member may still receive some, but not necessarily all, messages. For protection from malicious attacks, a group member might bounce all messages they receive. If we detect the member is no longer bouncing, the member will exit the bounce state automatically.

The state can occur for several reasons, including:

  •   MX records are temporarily unavailable because of DNS issues.
  •   Legacy email server is temporarily unavailable.

Take the following steps to resolve the message bouncing state for group members:

Step 1: View members whose messages bounce

To view a list of members whose messages are bouncing:

  1. Sign in to Gsuite admin console using the link Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Groups
  3. Click the group name.
  4. Click Manage users in domain-name.
  5. Click View in Groups service
  6. Click Manage.
  7. Click Bouncing to list any members whose messages are bouncing. Any member whose status is set to Bouncing has entered an individual bounce state.

Step 2: Ask the user to update their status

Have users who are in a bounced state update their email bounce status. They should follow this URL, replacing with your domain name at:

Step 3: Avoid bounced messages to groups

To avoid group bounce states in the future:

  1.   Verify that each group member has a valid email address.
  2.   Ban or remove any suspended group members.

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