Enabling Report Message add-in for users in Office 365.

The Report Message add-in for Outlook and Outlook on the Web enables people to easily report misclassified email, whether safe or malicious, to Microsoft and its affiliates for analysis. Microsoft uses these submissions to improve the effectiveness of email protection technologies. In addition, if your organization is using Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection or Office 365 Threat Intelligence, the Report Message add-in provides your organization's security team with useful information they can use to review and update security policies.

The Report Message add-in works with your Office 365 subscription and the following products:

  • Outlook on the Web
  • Outlook 2013 SP1
  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook 2016 for Mac
  • Outlook included with Office 365 Pro Plus.

Get and enable the Report Message add-in for your organization : Follow the steps below

  1. Go to https://portal.office.com and sign in using your work or school account.

  2. Choose Admin to go to the Admin center.

  3. Choose Admin centers > Exchange to go to the Exchange admin center (E.A.C).

  4. Choose organization > add-ins.

  5. Choose + > Add from the Office Store.
    Choose Add from the Office Store
    This opens the Office Store in your web browser.

  6. Search for Report Message.
    Search for Report Message

  7. In the Apps list, select Report Message, and then choose GET IT NOW.
    Choose GET IT NOW

  8. Review the terms of use and privacy policy. Then choose Continue.

    Click Continue to accept the terms and privacy policy

  9. A wizard opens to help you configure the Report Message add-in. Review the information, and choose Next to continue.
    Report Message add-in wizard for Office 365

  10. Specify the default setting you want users to have for the Report Message add-in.
    Specify default settings for the Report Message add-in

  11. Specify who gets the Report Message add-in.
    Specify who gets the Report Message add-in

  12. Choose Save

Verifying Report Message add-in enabled :

Depending on what you selected using the wizard, people in your organization will have the Report Message add-in available. People in your organization will see the following icons:

  • In Outlook the icon looks like this:
    Report Message Add-in icon for Outlook
  • In Outlook Web App the icon looks like this:
    Outlook on the Web Report Message Add-in icon

NOTE: You must be an Office 365 global administrator or an Exchange Online Administrator to complete this task.