Mail Flow Rules To List Spam Mails In Quarantine

You can use mail flow rules, also known as transport rules, to look for specific conditions on messages that pass through your organization and take action on them.Follow the steps Below to create Mail flow rule.

STEP 1: Log on to with your O365 Admin Credentials.

STEP 2: Select Admin Icon  as shown below

STEP 3: Select Exchange Admin center in redirected Admin center window.

STEP 4: Navigate to “Rules” in “Mail Flow” under Exchange Admin Center. 

STEP 5: Create a Mail Flow  Rule by selecting + Icon as shown in the screenshot below .

STEP 6: choose "Create a new Rule" and Give a "Name" for rule

STEP 7: Here we will be creating a mail flow rule such that If any of the specified conditions in screenshot below .

STEP 8: So that we specify "Redirect the Message to Hosted quarantine"

and Under "Chose a mode for this rule " to "Enforce" and  Hit "Save" .