In Outlook, when you type the “Straight quotes” in the email body, it will be automatically replaced with “Smart quotes”.If this auto format really caused inconvenience for you, you can choose to disable this function manually in Outlook. This article provides you with details of disabling or turning off auto smart quotes in Outlook.

Disable Or Turn Off Auto Smart Quotes In Outlook

You can do as follows to disable the auto smart quotes function in Outlook.

1. Click File > Options in Microsoft Outlook.

2. In the Outlook Options dialog box in Microsoft Outlook, please click Mail in the left bar, then click the Spelling and Auto correct button in the Compose messages section. See screenshot:

3. When the Editor Options dialog box popping up, please select the Proofing in the left bar, then click the Auto Correct Options button.

4. In the Auto Correct dialog box, go to the Auto Format tab, then uncheck the “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes” box in the Replace section. See screenshot:

5. Then go to the Auto Format As You Type tab, uncheck the “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes” box in the Replace as you type section.

6. Click the OK button in the Auto Correct dialog box.

7. Then click the OK buttons to close the following dialog boxes to finish the whole settings.